Roam the World


Graphic Designer and 2D Game Artist for the project Roam the World by start-up company Gravity Pixels.
Roam the world is a physics-based 2D sidescroller where you need to drive and balance your car carefully over difficult terrain in order to gather coins and break distance records.
I was in charge of texturing most of the assets in the game, including the main character and some of the car skins. I also participated in creating icons and illustrations/promotional material for the game.
Besides these responsibilities, I helped the company with some management and training, helping them implement a task management system to better keep track of their tasks, task dependencies, and bottlenecks. I also held a Game Design 101 lecture for their Game Designers that were just starting up in the Game Development world.


2D artist, Game Design Trainer, Project Management


Gravity Pixels


June 2017 – September 2017


Mobile Game