The Quincy incident


The Quincy Incident is a psychological horror game, using non-euclidean architecture, in which the player must navigate a living boat as it tries to hamper their progress.
It was made during a 48 Hour period as part of the Exile game jam:

The team that helped this game happen:

Isaac Howie Brewerton – programming / 3D art
Hans Henrik Hvoslef – programming / level design
Alexander Evgenievich Nikulin – 3D art
Nina Croitoru – 2D art
Alina Constantin – 2D art
Kristian Romer – Music / Audio
Morten Brunbjerg – Narrative / Audio

Tommy Rousse – voice actor 1
Amani Naseem – voice actor 2
Julie Heyde – voice actor 3


2D artist


Exile Game Jam


May 2013


Game, First-person, Walking simulator


2nd place at Exile Game Jam - Spring 2013