Custody is a cross-platform game for two players that attempts to illustrate the hardships that both parents and their child experience as a result of separation.

The game was made in 48 hours during the Lyst Summit game jam taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark. It was developed by Andrei Livadariu, Hanna Wirman, Nina Croitoru and Thomas Ryder. The game was received very well and has been awarded first prize as a result of public voting.

Playing the game requires three devices, two computers or tablets and a smartphone, and an internet connection.

Players take the role of parents. As the game progresses, they try to balance their personal and professional everyday lives while fiercely competing for the child’s love.

It is an interesting experiment as the game captures just how objectified the child can become in the case of a separation. It shows just how parental love, the most honest and natural of the types of love, can become twisted and possessive. Suddenly, loving your child seems to be conditioned by having to own him first.
It portrays how easy it is for parents to get lost in their own lives to remember that they also have a tiny soul that needs their time and attention. The immense stress on any parent’s shoulders in these disturbing times and its effect on their relationship with the child cannot be easily explained in words, but we believe Custody manages to capture the essence of these situations very well.


Game Designer, Artist


Lyst Summit Game Jam


June 2014


Game, Cross-platform


First prize at Lyst Summit