Colored liners illustrations that I have created in my free time.

This is some sort of character exploration I’m doing at the moment.
I’m searching for the right visual style and feel for one of my characters that I refer to as Fata Verde (The Green Girl). This character is loosely based on the song with the same name by the Romanian band Phoenix. It’s also based on the myth of the Iele, a Romanian mythological creature often described as fairies with great seductive power over men. They dance naked in secluded areas and charm any men that might witness their dance.

Here’s a tiny Bulbasaur clay figurine I’ve made not too long ago. It’s just 4 cm in height and a challenge to paint at such a small scale but I think it turned out awesome for my first miniature.

This weekend I went to the Bucharest Global Game Jam 2017 with the most wonderful people: Andrei Livadariu and Anders Brevik. We created this beautiful thing that is not yet a game.
We were overly ambitious and time was tight. But even though the design part got neglected, we did awesome in tech (swarm and shaders) and art. Now let’s see where we can take this further!

Two of my older digital pieces and an astronaut from my sketchbook.

Fairy-tale environment concepts

My first attempts at isometric art. I was particularly thinking about management simulation games which feature building upgrades. As a result, this mediterranean inspired house was born.

Commissioned for the launch on Facebook of the cosmic rock “Noua Ani Lumina” band from Romania.

More sketchbook pieces

Excerpts from a picture book project in watercolors

Sketchbook pieces with monsters and a selkie